Website Hosting

Curlytop helps select an appropriate domain name, and recommends the best hosting company to meet the needs of our clients.

Domain Registration

Besides the actual design, you will want your own domain for your website ( A domain name may be registered for 1 year, or for several years. The annual cost can be less than $15 per year.

There are many domain registrars available; we recommend GoDaddy as a dependable and affordable option.

Website Hosting

There are many excellent and reliable hosting firms who offer full services for a basic website, usually for less than $10 per month. We will help guide you to the best option, depending on the complexity and requirements of your website. We work with GoDaddy, BlueHost, LunarPages, and Sonoma County’s own Sonic.Net; there are many others to choose from.

We will assist with the setting up your web hosting and securing your domain as part of our excellent service!